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The Henry Millard/Textile Museum at Millard's Crossing

The Henry/ Doris Millard house (Known at Millard's Crossing as the Textile Museum)

This house was located on North Street just north of East Austin where Austin Bank now stands. It was built circa. 1900 by Henry Millard. The 2nd. son of Joshua Millard, and Uncle of Lera Millard Thomas (The founder of Millard's Crossing).

Original site of the Henry Millard House.

One of the only known photos of Henry Millard

Henry left the house to his daughter Doris. Doris donated it to Millard's Crossing Historical Village. Today the Village uses it as a textile muesum showcasing the diffrent facets of cotton and textiles in American history.

(Doris' niece Laura Millard currently sits on our board of directors.)

Doris Effie Millard

blog writen by CJ McLaughlin

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