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1843 Sitton Dog Trot

The Sitton Dog Trot, built in 1843, was originally located about five miles down CR 698 west of Central Heights. It was built by William and Mary Jane Hayter who came to Texas in 1842. 

 Their youngest daughter Sussanah Hayter married into the Sitton family, and the house was donated to Millard’s Crossing by Sam Sitton, who lived on the property until his death. 

"Dog Trot" is the name given to the open breeze way from the front to the back of the house. Often, this covered area was cooler in the summer than other parts of the house. This made it a perfect place for chores like shelling peas or shucking corn. 

Today at the village, we use the Sitton Dog Trot to show off our natural dyes, host pickling demos and make old fashioned laundry soap. Shucking corn on school tours and tending to our homestead garden are some of our favorite chores at the village!

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