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1837 Millard-Lee House

The Millard-Lee house, built in 1837, is our oldest house in the village. It was built before Texas became a state! The structure was originally located just off the square on South Fredonia Street, where the parking lot for Regions Bank is now located. After its construction by Robert Millard, great-grandfather of Mrs. Thomas, the home was purchased by the Lee family, whose daughter Emily lived in the house until her death in 1970. 

Built as a family home and boarding house, the Millard-Lee house is a rare East Texas example of the “two-story double house” (one side a mirror image of the other) and is furnished with a widely eclectic collection of 19th century antiques.  It also houses an excellent collection of historic documents from the area. 

This home was one of the earliest milled timber buildings constructed in Nacogdoches, and rooms were large enough to accommodate boarders when necessary. This house features a "double entry staircase" utilized by servants and family to attend to the upstairs sleeping quarters from the kitchen.

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