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Volunteers Needed!

Millard’s Crossing is a living history museum that is made possible through the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.  There are many different ways to make a difference at Millard’s Crossing.  We have a volunteer opportunity to suit almost anyone as we need help with all parts of the operation.  As a volunteer, you choose your level of involvement.  The following are just some of the jobs and areas in which we need help.

Tour Guides

Archives & Collections

Clerical /Administrative

Black smithers

Music & Entertainment

Spinning & Weaving

Cleaning Crew

Marketing & Newsletter


Landscaping & Gardens

Repair & Restoration

Quilt Making

Soap & Candle Making

Event Decorating



Research & Grant Writing

Public Speaking


General Store Clerks

Costume & Wardrobe

Hearth & Campfire Cooking

Computer & Technology

Video & Film


Leather Working

Signage & Printing


Join us and bring history to life!

Our village is a private 501-3c non-profit, so unlike other museums in Nacogdoches, we are not funded by the city. Therefore, we rely upon a thriving volunteer base and a generous local community.  


The first step in getting involved is to fill out and send in the downloadable form below.  Within two weeks, the volunteer coordinator will contact you with information about attending a new volunteer orientation.  Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions!

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