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Donations to Millard's Crossing

Millard's Crossing Historic Village is a private, non-profit 501c3, dedicated to connecting people to the past in a meaningful and memorable way.  Donations are not only appreciated, but essential to our very survival.  Your generous contributions help make it possible for the Village to serve and connect with our community through interactive exhibitions, inspiring and engaging educational tours, beautiful historic houses and landscaping, and the preservation of many pieces of priceless Texas history!

A few things we use for demonstrations are fruit and vegetables, wool from sheep or fiber goats, yarn (especially natural fibers), leather, animal pelts, embroidery thread, etc.  We can also use certain fabric (or vintage fur) donations to be recycled/used to make historic outfits for our costume closet.   We are always on the search for various types of wood for carpentry demos.

Please call ahead (or send photos) prior to bringing items to the village, especially if they are perishable.  We want to make sure your contribution can be used or displayed. We don't have unlimited space, so we sometimes have to make difficult choices about our collection.

If you have an artifact that you would like to donate to Millard's Crossing, please call us at 936-564-6631.

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