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Watkins Log House (1842)

The Watkins Log Cabin was one of the first buildings brought to Millard's Crossing. This house was built by Mrs. Thomas's great uncle on her mother's side of the family and was originally located in the Watkins settlement - about 12 miles northwest of Nacogdoches near the Mahl community.

The Log Cabin was built in 1842. This was evidenced by the discovery of two 1842 dimes found face to face in a notch between the joist and the door sill which came loose when the building was being moved!

It is known as a "square" log house because the logs were squared off with a broad axe and adz.  This practice helped block East Texas moisture from collecting in the cracks between the logs, thus preventing rot.  Square logs could be covered with milled lumber later on, like siding, in an effort to improve the look of the house and better insulate it against the weather.    

  The stacked log fence surrounding this log house once protected "Mama's vegetable garden" from the livestock.  Rustic handmade antiques and child sized chairs are part of the furnishings of this early East Texas hand-hewn home.  A large sleeping loft is furnished with a variety of beds all covered with patchwork quilts. 


The Watkins Log House is one of our living history sites.  Cooking demonstrations use the open hearth (fireplace) and include things such as jams and jellies, yeast breads, pickles, and full meals.  Textile demonstrations include hand sewing, button making, lace making, and spinning.  Be sure to check our calendar and Facebook Page for demonstration dates!

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