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1905 Caboose

This wooden caboose was donated to Millard's Crossing by the Bussa family. In 1905, the E.B. Hayward Lumber Company chartered the train, including this caboose, to haul logs out of the East Texas bottom land forests. It became known as the Nacogdoches and Southeastern Railroad Line as its daily run went south to oil springs and then east to the Attoyac bottoms.

The railroad line was later acquired by the Frost-John Lumber Company and was used to provide transportation of goods and commodities as well as passenger service between Nacogdoches and San Augustine until the 1950s. The fare was 25 cents and the train depot was located on South Fredonia Street near Lanana Creek. 

The caboose had a bed so the crew members could sleep.  It also held a small stove, suitable for both warmth and cooking.  

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