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Methodist Parsonage (1900)

Available to rent for birthdays, graduations, baby showers and more!

$250 per day

Seating for 15-20--has kitchen & restroom


Once a home to the local church minister, the Methodist Parsonage at Millard's Crossing was built in 1900. This house was originally located downtown on North Fredonia Street, around the corner from the First Methodist Church. The wooden trim on the doors, windows, and moldings feature typical Eastlake Victorian style. The high ceilings allow hot air to rise while the cooler air drops below for cooling in the summertime.

This is a house that is “not all there.” The rear portion of this house had so badly deteriorated that much of it could not be moved, and Mrs. Thomas replaced the missing portion with a modern kitchen so that she might use the structure as a guest house for visiting friends and family.

Today, the Parsonage is available to rent for events including birthday parties, baby showers, graduation receptions and more!


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