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Burrows House (1867-1874)

The Burrows House, built in 1867, was originally located where Nacogdoches Medical Center now stands, about 1/2 mile south of Millard's Crossing. The style of this house is so typical of this area that it is often called "The East Texas House".

Because of the long enclosed entryway, some observers assume that it was once a dog trot. However, the two rooms and fireplace in back comprised the original house, while the front two rooms were added several years later to provide a parlor with a separate entrance so guests could be ushered into the "good room". The home also features a well on the back porch - a real convenience in the 19th century!

Tools of a Medical Doctor and an in-home pharmacy are on display in the Burrows House, including vintage wheelchairs, exam table, medical illustrations, medical instruments and more!

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