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1905 Chapel

$600 per day (full day rental only, no hourly) - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
$100 per hour (2 hour minimum) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

The white wooden chapel was built by a Free Methodist congregation and used at its original location into the 1950s.  The quaint chapel is currently available as a rental facility for weddings or other special events.

This church, which stood on the corner of Townsend Street and South Fredonia 
(Highway 7) one block west of South Street, was established in 1905 according to the Deed Records of Nacogdoches County.  Free Methodists were an independent lot who did not agree with all the Methodist doctrines or practices – particularly that of charging a fee for use of a pew.  The church disbanded sometime after WWII as membership dwindled and gas rationing made travel prohibitive for  the circuit preachers that serviced the congregation.  This church did not have a steeple until it was moved to Millard’s Crossing because a bell was a luxury many small congregations could not afford.

This charming turn-of-the century chapel with seating for 75 to 100 people.  The building is both heated and cooled, has a working antique pump organ, piano, and chapel bell.  You decorate, candles  are permitted.

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