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The Rebellion Barn

$1000 per day (full day rental only, no hourly) - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

$100 per hour (3 hour minimum) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

The Rebellion Barn is the most recent addition to our historic village. In 2017, the flea market that was currently housed in the venue was purchased by The Bright Foundation. This property was then gifted to Millard's Crossing. The addition of this venue has doubled our footprint at the village and we are thrilled to be accepting reservations for The Rebellion Barn!

The original structure was built around the 1950s. This is a relatively new building compared to the others found at Millard's Crossing. As we began renovations, hidden treasures were found within this barn. The original hardwood floors had been covered and are now a beautiful feature of the venue. Another clue to the history of the structure was a large chamber found underneath the barn. This may have been an elevator pit for grain, or simply a storage vessel. 

This renovated venue is both heated and cooled and has a fully functioning kitchen. The Rebellion Barn can seat about 150 guests at one time with overflow seating on the large wrap around porch.  Tables and Chairs are included for this space and are available on site.  Linens are not included but may be rented locally at University Rental.

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