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Ghosts of Millard's Crossing

The 1842 Sitton Dog Trot

The corn crib decorated as the witches house from "Hansel and Gretel" by Brothers Grimm

"The Mad Scientist's Laboratory" located on the porch of the "The Burrows House"

Spooky and Non-Spooky Hayrides were offered.

"Spiders. Not tiny spiders like those surging over the leaves below. Spiders the size of carthorses, eight-eyed, eight-legged, black, hairy, gigantic. The massive specimen that was carrying Harry made its way down the steep slope toward a misty, domed web in the very centre of the hollow, while its fellows closed in all around it, clicking their pincers excitedly at the sight of its load."— Harry Potter's description of the Acromantulas

Our Spider Gazebo located next to our school which housed our Harry Potter Classroom.

Our version of "Children of The Corn" (taken from Stephen King's Children of the Corn) set up next to our "Textile Museum" Millard Crossing's own Handy Man John posing with his hard work.

Magician Timothy A. Roberts in front of "The Carriage House".

Magician performing in "The Carriage House".

The Spooky Auto Show

Costume Contest

Millard's Crossing Volunteers helping with Art's and Crafts set up in "The Carriage House"

Volunteers helping in the "1842 Watkins Log Cabin" where they had a fire going in the fireplace showing guests how cooking was done during the "pioneer days".

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