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45 years ago today at Millard's Crossing

Gary and Ginger Patterson were here today at Millard's to visit the site of their marriage on their 45th. Annivarsary. On July 8, 1978 Gary and Ginger were married on the chapel lawn here at Millard's Crossing. (The lawn was cooler as the church was not airconditioned at that point.) Ginger got ready in the Watkins Reception House, and they had their Reception there after their nuptials.

The Chapel Lawn set up for Gary and Ginger's Wedding. You can observe the Watkins Reception House in the background painted white with green trim.

Gary dressed in white stands on the lawn in front of the 1905 Chapel. You can see the 1842 Watkins Log Cabin in the background on the left, the Methodist Parsonage further back painted white, and the Burrows House just pocking out on the extreme right.

Ginger shared with me that she remembered visiting with Mrs. Lera Millard Thomas (The founder of Millard's Crossing) who was surprised that anyone would want to have their wedding out here at Millard's. Ginger recalls Mrs. Thomas sharing her vision of what she was trying to do here, and Gary and Ginger were both pleased to see how that vision has evolved over the past 45 years. It was such a pleasure to met these two and hear their stories. We are so grateful they remembered Millard's Crossing all these years later and were so glad to be part of their special day.

Blog written by CJ MCLaughlin

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