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Jesse Wadlington Millard Sr. and Annie Dee Watkins

Jesse Wadlington Millard Sr.

Jesse Wadlington Millard was born December 12, 1871 on his families farm four miles north of the town of Nacogdoches. The son of Joshua John Millard (1844-1906) and Celia "Sela" Josie Burrows (1847-1923). He was reared on his parents farm, and became a farmer on his own. Jesse married Annie Dee (Donnell) Watkins January 6th. 1897 in Nacogdoches Texas. According to the Daily Sentenial Jesse and Annie's home stood near the location of what is currently Millard's Crossing's Rebal Barn.

Annie Dee Watkins

Annie Dee (Donnell) Watkins was born July 25, 1874 on her families farm in Mahl Texas. The daughter of John Hayter Watkins (1847-1930), and Martha Louisa Burk (1845-1929).

Jesse and Annie had two children in their union. :

1) Lera (1900-1993) <Founder of Millard's Crossing>

2) Jesse Wadlington Jr. (1914-1996)

Taken from the Tyler Morning Telegraph Tyler Texas Saturday, July 17, 1954 page 7.

Copy of Jesse Millard's Obituary as it appeared in the "Daily Sentinal" July, 1954 from the Lasater Family Archives.

Jesse Waldington Millard Sr.

BIRTH: 12 Dec 1871

Nacogdoches County, Texas, USA

DEATH: 16 Jul 1954 (aged 82)

Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches County, Texas, USA


Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches County, Texas, USA

Annie Donnell Watkins Millard

BIRTH: 25 Jul 1874

DEATH: 24 Feb 1961 (aged 86)


Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches County, Texas, USA

Compiled by CJ McLaughlin

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