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Welcome to Millard's Crossing!
Please Check-In at the Visitors Center upon arrival.
*Admission Pricing:
Ages 12 & up: $10
Ages 3-11: $5
Age 2 & under: 
*Pricing for Special Events may be different than regular daily admission.


Millard-Lee House earliest picture.jpg

One of the earliest known pictures of the Millard-Lee House.

The Millard-Lee (Now on display at Millard's Crossing). Built C. 1837 by Robert Fenton Millard who came to Nacogdoches from Washington D.C.  worked as a merchant and later served as a Deputy Postmaster as well as Road Over-seer for Nacogdoches. After his death in 1849 his widow Masy opened the house as a boarding house until she sold it in 1859 to David Lee who was a local Blacksmith and wagon maker. The house remained in the Lee Family at its original location until 1970, when it was reacquired by Lera Millard Thomas (The great Granddaughter of Robert and Masy MIllard).  Mrs. Thomas was responsible for having the house moved to Millard's Crossing where it has been preserved since. 


unnamed (1).jpg


The Millard-Lee House Spring of 2024

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